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L�vis, city of cooperation

Arts - Shows

Festival JAZZ Etcetera


Outdoor popular shows, street music, major indoor concerts at the Anglicane, introduction to jazz for young people, special jazzed-up activities in restaurants, bars, and businesses…

Fête de l'eau


An activity for the whole family!



A small but very popular theatre, the Anglicane is located inside an old church... an Anglican church, of course! This 262-seat, recently restored intimate theatre with exceptional acoustics meets...

Les dimanches des artistes à l'église Notre-Dame


The region’s best musicians and singers, accompanied by the Mitchell organ.

Les Matinées Classiques


Outdoor popular classical music concerts

Les Mercredis Courant d'Airs


Outdoor concerts in the parks bordering the St. Lawrence.

Maison natale de Louis Fréchette


Orchestre symphonique de Lévis


The Orchestre symphonique de Lévis : Feel the experience ...

Théâtre d'été au Vieux Bureau de Poste


Charming concert scene for an unforgettable evening

Théâtre ambulant


Theater for children 3 to 12, this summer, come rain come shine!